Łukasz Milewski



is cinema repertoire browser. Application support multiple cinemas, including every major chain in Poland - Helios, Multikino, CinemaCity. It doesn't require additional work needed for data input as it is using websites and their schedule. Application also contains an ability to reserve seats for specific show, though this functionality is disabled as each cinema needs to approve and this is a bit problematic. Currently 2Cinema is being evaluated by cinema chain Helios as possible dedicated mobile solution.
Contribution - I'm sole developer of this application.


(name not final) is social quiz game that challenge players with their car related knowledge. Game was developed during 1 day at HackWro event held at Wrocław's airport. It's backed with server side, that handles multiplayer and provides questions to gamers. The way questions are designed provides almost unlimited fun for petrol heads.
Contribution - I'm sole developer of this game along with server side.

Dobre Historie

(translation: Good Stories) is specialized e-book reader with additional support for audiobooks. Application is heading feature complete but lacks proper user interface outsourced to publisher own graphic artist. DH reads popular format EPUB. Application also provides integration with their backend store and enabled to download new books once they are purchased.
Contribution - I'm sole developer of this application.

Good For Enterprise

is essentially a go-to solution for corporation when they want to switch from BlackBerry to Bring-You-Own-Device approach. Application provide state-of-the-art security that has been approved by USA government, among others. GFE (as it is abbreviated) provides following tools - email, calendar, contacts.
Contribution - I was a part of Android team, working as a Team Leader for Polish team helping them with project management and with coding. My biggest contribution to project is brand new user interface.

Good Prototype

was a prototype of enhancements to Good For Enterprise's user interface. It has meet with huge applause and later was adapted into production application.
Contribution - I'm sole developer of this prototype.


is at the moment first and only application I was able to publish in Google Play market. It is basic photos/picture manipulation app with rather unique filters. Pixelz is not changing colors as majority of those kind of apps does, instead it repaint photos/pictures from specific tiles - squares, triangles, 45 degrees lines. Last update was some time ago, and the application right now has almost 2000 active users across globe.
Contribution - I'm sole developer of this application.

Playing Daily

is rather simple reader for my friend's blog/site about games. It's at the moment in development. Supports JSON Rest output as provided by many WordPress plugins. Application is built with generic approach which means it can be adapted visually to virtually any blog or site made with WordPress.
Contribution - I'm sole developer of this application.


is one of the most selling polish applications on AppStore. I've been tasked with porting efforts. Application is simple, just for fun, photo manipulation where you overlay your face on top of some old photos from various eras. A the moment project is work in progress with slated release around end of August.
Contribution - I'm sole developer of android port.


is unpublished Android version of second revision of mobile application for http://www.myrecco.com/ service. I've made this app as white label for company called inFullMobile. Many functionalities of Recco are based on Foursquare, yet adds a bit of flavor with recommendations, both positive and negative. Among many features, there are photo capture, searching on Foursquare.
Contribution - I'm sole developer of this application.


is price comparison site that aggregates content from hundred of e-shops around Poland. Mobile application is another step in expansion. It provides basic browsing and searching offers with gallery, geo localization and reviews. Application was created from scratch not more than 5 months ago and is at the moment inside private beta testing. Features currently in development includes barcode scanning and simple OCR.
Contribution - I'm lead developer of this application.


is mobile application for popular among XBox360 gamers site under the same name http://www.trueachievements.com/. Currently application is going through major user interface overhaul to match latest google aesthetics. It's unofficial mobile solution, hence it's not published. When I'm done with new layout I'll start discussion with owners of the website to publish app with their approval.
Contribution - I'm sole developer of this application.